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Passion fruit with Pearl & Jelly

Prep Time:

15 mins



24 oz


About the Recipe

The essence of passion fruit gives this oolong a vibrant, tropical aroma. Drink it with pearl &jelly and you will have a sweet and fun finish texture.


Jin Xuan Oolong Tea Base - 275 ml
Passion Fruit Syrup - 1.5 oz
Ice Cube - 320 g
Coconut Jelly - 50 g
Tapioca Pearl - 50 g
Fresh Passion Fruit Pulp - some


1. Pour 275 ml of brewed Jin Xuan Oolong Tea, 1.5 oz of passion fruit syrup and 320 g of ice cubes in the shaker.
2. Seal the shaker and mix it evenly, then pour the tea into your cup.
3. Add in with some fresh pulp of passion fruit, 50 g of coconut jelly and 50 g of tapioca pearls.
4. Stir well and enjoy!

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