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Strawberry & Panna Cotta

Prep Time:

12 mins



16 oz


About the Recipe

When sweet strawberry meets milky panna cotta, you can’t get enough of it!


Strawberry Powder - 30 g
Panna Cotta Powder - 100 g
Creamer - 10 g
Hot Water - 300 ml
Milk - 150 ml
Fructose - 0.2 oz
Ice Cubes - 200 g
Milk Foam - 120ml


  1. Cook and stir 100 g of panna cotta powder and 150 ml of water and 150 ml of milk in stove till powder is dissolved.

  2. After cool down the panna cotta, pour 80g of mix in cup and refrigerate for at least 3 hours or overnight.

  3. Add 30g of strawberry powder, 10 g of creamer, 120 ml of hot water and 180 g of ice in the shaker.

  4. Seal the shaker and mix it evenly, and pour the strawberry milk in your cup.

  5. Top with milk foam and it’s done.

  6. Stir well and enjoy!

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