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Chocolate Banana Smoothie


10 mins



16 oz


Über das Rezept

A chocolate milkshake is always a good idea. With some banana thickness, it takes it to the next level!


Banana Powder - 10 g
Chocolate Powder - 40 g
Base Crema - 20 g
Creamer - 20 g
Smoothie Stabilizer - 5 g
Ice Cube - 400 g
Strawberry - for garnish
Crushed Oreo - for garnish


  1. Blend 20 g of base crema powder and 10 of chocolate powder with 80 ml of water.

  2. Add 30 g of chocolate powder, 10g of banana powder,5 g of smoothie stabilizer, 20 g of creamer, 0.5 oz of fructose and 80 g hot water and 400 g of ice cubes blend together till smooth. 

  3. Pour chocolate banana smoothie and chocolate crema in the cup.

  4. Top with crushed oreo and strawberry slice

  5. .Stir well and enjoy!

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