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Matcha Parfait


3 hrs



2 cups of 100ml


Über das Rezept

With delicious layers, grass jelly and matcha agar jelly, You can eat all day. The best pick for your afternoon dessert.


Matcha Premium Powder - 40 g
Creamer - 20 g
Agar Jelly Powder - 10 g
Sugar - 20 g
Boiling Water - 490 ml
Grass Jelly Powder - 20 g
Crystal Boba (Mango) - 10 g
Crystal Boba (Matcha) - 10 g


  1. Mix 10g of agar jelly powder, 40 g of matcha powder and 20 g of sugar with 250ml of water, cook on stove until dissolved.

  2. Pour the matcha jelly mix into rectangle container.

  3. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours or overnight.

  4. Make grass jelly with the same process with 20 g of grass jelly powder and 240 ml of water.

  5. After refrigerating, cut the jellies into small squares.

  6. Place the jelly and crystal boba in the order you wish

  7. And it’s ready to serve! Enjoy.

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