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Raspberry Yakult (yogurt) Green Tea


5 mins



16 oz


Über das Rezept

Mix sugary and sour taste Yakult green tea with rosy raspberry syrup, and you’ll get a beautiful gradient color tea.


Yogurt Syrup - 1.5 oz

Raspberry Syrup - 0.5 oz

Jasmine Green Tea leaves - 5 g

Hot water - 220 ml

Ice - 350 g

Bursting Boba - 30 g


1. Steep 5g of Jasmine Green Tea with 220 mL of hot water.

2. Mix 1.5 oz of yogurt syrup into green tea.

3. Pour 0.5 oz of raspberry into the serving cup and add ice cubes.

4. And pour yogurt-flavored green tea, and stir till the color appears to blend in.

5. Top with bursting boba to add a touch of cuteness. (optional)

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