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Crème Brûlée Milk Tea

Prep Time:

10 mins



16 oz


About the Recipe

Custard like crème brûlée is an epic topping to Assam black milk tea.


  • Assam Black Tea Bag - 1 piece

  • Creamer -35 g

  • Tiger Powder- Plain Flavor - 30 g

  • Fructose - 1 oz

  • Sugar - a little

  • Ice Cube - 200 g


  1. Brew 250 ml Assam tea and mix with 35 g of creamer.

  2. And add 1 oz of fructose and 200g of ice cube shake well.

  3. Mix plain tiger powder with water in ratio 1:2, and you’ll get custard like pudding mix.

  4. Pour milk tea and add ice cube in the cup.

  5. Gently add pudding mix onto the milk tea.

  6. Sprinkle some sugar and grill the sugar on top to make the caramel coating.

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