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Pumpkin Chocolate

Prep Time:

5 mins



16 oz


About the Recipe

Spice up your hot chocolate with the Pumpkin Chocolate Recipe. The layered pumpkin flavor will give your hot cocoa a tasty cozy twist.


  • Pumpkin Spice Powder - 36 g

  • Hot Water - 250 ml &150 ml

  • Chocolate Powder - 24 g

  • Fructose - 0.5 oz


  1. Mix 24 g of chocolate powder with 150 ml of hot water.

  2. Add 0.5 oz fructose in chocolate layer.

  3. And mix 36 g of pumpkin spice powder with 250 ml of hot water for pumpkin layer.

  4. Fill your cup with chocolate layer and then carefully fill the pumpkin layer.

  5. After that you have a nice two-layered pumpkin chocolate to enjoy.

  6. Enjoy the drink!

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