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Taro In Wonderland

Prep Time:

15 mins



16 oz


About the Recipe

Like flying in the blue sky, the visual of this unique boba tea is out of charts.


Taro Powder-GradeA - 30 g
Fructose - 0.2 oz
Hot Water - 100 ml
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - 100 ml
Milk - 80 ml
Ice Cube - 150 g

Tapioca Pearl - 50 g


1.Mix 30 g of taro powder-Grade A with 0.2 oz of fructose and 100 ml of hot water and let it cool done.
2. Add cooked tapioca boba about 10 g in the cup.
3. Pour the taro milk tea and add 150 g of ice cube in the cup.
4. Use a spoon and slowly pour milk
5. Finally, pour 100 ml of butterfly pea flower tea to make the layer.
6. Stir well and enjoy!

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