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Starry Milk Tea

Prep Time:

8 mins



7 oz


About the Recipe

It's the perfect blend of creamy milk and aromatic tea, with a hint of sweetness, like a dream come true.


Hot Water - 200 ml

All in One Milk Tea Powder - 40 g

Caramel Syrup - 0.2 oz
Base Crema - 25 g
Cold Water - 100 ml


1. Blend 25 g of base crema powder with 100 ml of water (ratio 1:4) for later.
2. Stir 40 g of all in one milk tea powder, 200 ml of hot water evenly.

3. Pour the hot milk tea in the cup and top with crema, caramel popcorn and decorate with paper star.
4. Stir well and enjoy your drink!

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