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Mochi Matcha Latte

Prep Time:




16 oz


About the Recipe

The chewy texture of mochi really bring the silky matcha latte to the next level.


Premium Matcha Powder - 48 g
Mini mochi - 80 g
Creamer - 12 g
Hot Water - 150 ml
Ice Cube - 250 g
Fructose - 0.2 oz


1. Stir 48 g of matcha powder, 12g of creamer and 150 ml of hot water evenly.
2. Add 0.2 oz and 250 g of ice cubes and pour matcha latte into the shaker, and mix thoroughly.
3. Scoop 80 g of mini mocha into the serving cup
4. Pour the matcha latte and it’s done.
5. Enjoy your drink!

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