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Want to start your business, but need extra assistance?  Then you come to the right place! We provide one-on-one training with our experienced lecturer who will lead you through all the preparation. 

Whether you’re a veteran food business owner or you’re just getting started, you'll benefit from Boba Academy. In addition to serving high-quality bubble tea ingredients, we offer all the necessary resources to help you open your own personalized bubble milk tea store.

We believe the success of a bubble tea business is rooted in consistency and precision in your overall preparation. So join us and step closer to your dream!

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Online Course Information

The training price includes the delivery fee  under $200 and practice ingredients. For other related kitchen tools, you could order from us as well.

Notice: If the delivery fee is more than $200, the buyer would have to pay for the difference.

Boba Academy

Brand Positioning

  • Brand Consulting

  • Market Strategy

  • Menu Design




  • Tea Knowledge

  • Beverage-Making Tips

  • Barista Training




  • Interior Design Advice

  • Traffic Flow Design

  • Operating SOP

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Seasonal Recipe

Marketing & Design


Quality Guarantee

  • Food Safety

  • Shipping Service

  • Quality Commitment

  • What is Boba Academy? What will I learn from this training?
    Boba Academy is a systematic instruction that deliver professional training for boba tea shop owners. This course offer new business owners consulting services to learn more about their products. Not only tips, we teach our customers about product knowledge and hands-on experience to help them succeed. In this training course, you will learn how to use our products to make “Authentic & Delicious Taiwanese Bubble Milk Tea” from scratch, including professional tea brewing, how to cook tapioca pearls, how to make smoothies, ice slush and other exciting beverages.
  • Who is teaching the Training Course?
    Our instructor has over 10+years of experience in the bubble tea retail industry and his knowledge and experiences will be able to help your business to the next level.
  • How many people do you suggest for taking the course?
    We would recommend maximum two people per training to ensure the quality of training course.
  • Where is the Training Course take place?
    The training course will hold at Taipei, Taiwan office. Or you can choose online training course to learn from home.
  • How do I make the payment?
    We accept PayPal & Account Transfer.
  • How do I sign up for Training Course?
    Feel free to e-mail us ( to schedule your training course day.
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