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Gold Digger

Prep Time:

15 mins



24 oz


About the Recipe

Green apple has a unique refreshing scent and matches well with creamy crema.


Green Apple Syrup- 3 oz
Base Crema - 20 g
Fructose - 0.5 oz
Hot Water - 80 ml
Room Temperature Water - 100 ml
Ice Cube - 450 g
Green Apple Bursting Boba - 10-20 g


  1. Blend 20 g of base crema powder with 100 ml of water (ratio 1:5).

  2. Add 3 oz of green apple syrup and 0.5 oz of fructose and 80 g hot water and 450 g of ice cubes into a blender and blend together till smooth. (You can add a scoop of green apple jelly and mix a bit to enhance the visual.)

  3. Pour the smoothie and a layer of crema in the cup.

  4. Top with green apple bursting boba or any topping you prefer.

  5. Stir well and enjoy!

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