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Milk Tea with Tea Jelly

Prep Time:

20 mins



24 oz


About the Recipe

Bouncy tea jelly contain full creamy Oolong aromas, smooth and great at any occasion.


Four Season Spring Tea Jelly – 80 g
Green Tea Base – 250 ml
Creamer - 40 g
Fructose – 1 oz
Ice Cubes - 320 g


1. Stir 250 ml of green tea base and 40 g of creamer and mix together.
2. And 320 g of ice cubes, 1 oz of fructose and pour the milk tea in the shaker.
3. Seal the shaker and shake until even.
4. Scoop 80 g of tea jelly into cup and then pour the tea.
5. Enjoy the drink!

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