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I๐ŸงกMango๐Ÿฅญ, 4 Midsummer Treats For Cooling Off๐Ÿ’ฆ

Mango Season

Thirst-quenching drinks are much more in demand in the summer season as hotness is hard to bear. Leamaxx comes to the rescue! Letโ€™s enjoy the sunshine with the sweet and juicy mango syrup. With ripe mango flavor and enhanced texture, premium mango syrup gives a sense of a natural and distinct touch. Create anything from refreshing mango iced tea to mango smoothies. New mango syrup perfectly complements our four specialty beverages in summer.


Cool Off Recipesโคโค

Mango Yogurt Smoothie

Loaded with tropical mangos and creamy yogurt, it's the perfect summer refresher.


Mango Syrup - Pulp - 2 oz Yogurt Powder - 20 g Ice Cubes - 240 g Water - 100 ml Fresh Mango - Optional Mango Bursting Boba - 100 g


Tropical Sunset

With mango and dragon fruit, no one can resist this delectable yummy.


Mango Syrup-Pulp - 2 oz

Dragon Fruit Syrup - 2 oz

Ice Cubes - 480 g

Water - 200 ml

Fresh Mango and Dragon Fruit Dice - Optional


Matcha Latte with Mango

Creamy matcha latte matches so well with sweet mango flavor, gotta try it!


Premium Matcha Powder - 20 g

Mango Syrup - Plup - 1 oz

Milk - 160 ml

Ice Cube - 160 g


Summer Day Green Tea

A classic and aromatic fruity blend will brighten up your spirit with the distinct flavor.


Mango Syrup - Pulp - 0.5 oz

Passion Fruit Syrup - Pulp - 0.5 oz

Green Tea - 275 ml

Ice cubes - 240 g


Can't wait to try all the recipes? Find the ingredients you need:


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