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I🧡Mango🥭, 4 Midsummer Treats For Cooling Off💦

Mango Season

Thirst-quenching drinks are much more in demand in the summer season as hotness is hard to bear. Leamaxx comes to the rescue! Let’s enjoy the sunshine with the sweet and juicy mango syrup. With ripe mango flavor and enhanced texture, premium mango syrup gives a sense of a natural and distinct touch. Create anything from refreshing mango iced tea to mango smoothies. New mango syrup perfectly complements our four specialty beverages in summer.


Cool Off Recipes❤❤

Mango Yogurt Smoothie

Loaded with tropical mangos and creamy yogurt, it's the perfect summer refresher.


Mango Syrup - Pulp - 2 oz Yogurt Powder - 20 g Ice Cubes - 240 g Water - 100 ml Fresh Mango - Optional Mango Bursting Boba - 100 g


Tropical Sunset

With mango and dragon fruit, no one can resist this delectable yummy.


Mango Syrup-Pulp - 2 oz

Dragon Fruit Syrup - 2 oz

Ice Cubes - 480 g

Water - 200 ml

Fresh Mango and Dragon Fruit Dice - Optional


Matcha Latte with Mango

Creamy matcha latte matches so well with sweet mango flavor, gotta try it!


Premium Matcha Powder - 20 g

Mango Syrup - Plup - 1 oz

Milk - 160 ml

Ice Cube - 160 g


Summer Day Green Tea

A classic and aromatic fruity blend will brighten up your spirit with the distinct flavor.


Mango Syrup - Pulp - 0.5 oz

Passion Fruit Syrup - Pulp - 0.5 oz

Green Tea - 275 ml

Ice cubes - 240 g


Can't wait to try all the recipes? Find the ingredients you need:

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