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Black Sugar Boba Milk Tea

Prep Time:

12 mins



16 oz


About the Recipe

Rich and classic flavor, hot pick of all times.


Assam Black Tea Base – 250 ml
Creamer - 40 g
Premium Brown Sugar Syrup – 1 oz
Fructose – 0.7 oz
Ice Cubes - 320 gTapioca Pearl – 100 g


1. Stir 250 ml of black tea base and 40 g of creamer and mix together.
2. And 320 g of ice cubes, 1 oz of fructose and pour the milk tea in the shaker.
3. Seal the shaker and shake until even.
4. Dress the cup with brown sugar syrup in your preference.
5. Scoop 100 g of tapioca pearl into cup and then pour the milk tea.
6. Enjoy the drink!

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