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Matcha Latte with Strawberry Crema

Prep Time:




16 oz


About the Recipe

If you love matcha, this recipe is made for you. Blending with strawberry crema, and a fresh strawberry on top gives a lovely twist!


Matcha Powder - 48 g
Strawberry Powder - 10 g
Base Crema Powder - 40 g
Fresh Strawberry
Creamer - 12 g
Fructose - 0.2 oz
Ice Cube - 250 g


1. Blend 40 g of base crema powder and 10 g of strawberry powder with 200 ml of   water for later.

2. Stir 48 g of matcha   powder, 12g of creamer and 150 ml of hot water evenly.
3. Add 0.2 oz and 250 g of ice cubes and pour matcha latte into the shaker,   and mix thoroughly.

4. Pour matcha latte in the serving cup.
5. Top with strawberry crema and fresh strawberry for garnish.
6. It’s done! Enjoy your drink. 

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