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Crema Green Tea


15 mins



24 oz


Über das Rezept

The rich, creamy, sweet, crema pairs well with cold green tea and the layers create an aesthetically pleasing beverage.


Green Tea Base - 250 ml
Fructose - 0.5 oz
Base Crema- 20 g
Cold Water - 100 ml
Ice Cube - 300 g
Pure Matcha Powder - a pinch (optional)


1. Blend 20 g of base crema powder with 100 ml of water (ratio 1:5) for later.

2. Pour 250 ml of brewed green tea, 0.5 oz of fructose and 300 g of ice cubes in the shaker.
3. Seal the shaker and mix it evenly, then pour the tea into your cup.
4.Top with sweet crema foam and a pinch of matcha powder if you like.
5.You can have a sip before you stir it into green milk tea. Enjoy!

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