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Meilleure solution de thé à bulles


Nous avons le savoir-faire dont vous avez besoin.

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Vous souhaitez démarrer votre entreprise, mais vous avez besoin d'une assistance supplémentaire ?  Alors vous êtes au bon endroit ! Nous offrons une formation individuelle avec notre conférencier expérimenté qui vous guidera tout au long de la préparation. Découvrez les plans de formation ci-dessous:


Que vous soyez un ancien propriétaire d'une entreprise alimentaire ou que vous débutiez, vous bénéficierez de la Boba Academy. En plus de servir des ingrédients de thé à bulles de haute qualité, nous offrons toutes les ressources nécessaires pour vous aider à ouvrir votre propre magasin de thé au lait à bulles personnalisé.

Nous pensons que le succès d'une entreprise de thé à bulles repose sur la cohérence et la précision de votre préparation globale. Alors rejoignez-nous et rapprochez-vous de votre rêve !

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Boba Academy

Brand Positioning

  • Brand Consulting

  • Market Strategy

  • Menu Design




  • Tea Knowledge

  • Beverage-Making Tips

  • Barista Training




  • Interior Design Advice

  • Traffic Flow Design

  • Operating SOP

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Seasonal Recipe

Marketing & Design


Quality Guarantee

  • Food Safety

  • Shipping Service

  • Quality Commitment


Certain services may incur additional charges. Contact us for more information.

Leamaxx reserves the right to adjust the content and refund policy of the training course fee.
Please discuss with our consultant for more details when making an appointment.

Online Course Information

The training price includes the delivery fee of under $200 and practice ingredients. For other related kitchen tools, you could order from us as well.


If the delivery fee is more than $200, the buyer would have to pay for the difference.

  • What is Boba Academy? What will I learn from this training?
    Boba Academy provides structured guidance for professional training tailored to boba tea shop owners.This program not only offers consulting services for new business owners but also focuses on enhancing their understanding of products. Beyond just tips, we educate our clients on product knowledge and provide hands-on experience to support their success. Through this training, participants will master the art of creating "Authentic & Delicious Taiwanese Bubble Milk Tea" from the ground up, covering techniques such as professional tea brewing, preparing tapioca pearls, crafting smoothies, ice slush, and other enticing beverages.
  • Who designed the course structure? and who will be giving lecture?
    The course was designed by our boba tea expert who brings over a decade of experience in the bubble tea retail industry. The hands-on approach to the training will provide valuable insights and practical tips for operating a successful bubble tea business with leamaxx's reliable products. From selecting the perfect product to passing on all the tips and tricks, our young and passionate sales rep will guide you through all the preparation steps with enthusiasm and expertise. Their dedication to understanding your needs and finding the best solution for you will ensure a seamless and rewarding experience. Trust in their knowledge and let them lead you to success in your bubble tea journey.
  • How many people do you suggest for taking the course?
    We would recommend maximum two people per training to ensure the quality of training course.
  • Where is the Training Course take place?
    The training course will hold at Taipei, Taiwan office. Or you can choose online training course to learn from home.
  • What does the teaching environment look like?
    Fully-equipped and sanitary bar area is ready for you!
  • How do I make the payment?
    We accept PayPal & Account Transfer.
  • How do I sign up for Training Course?
    Feel free to e-mail us ( to schedule your training course day.
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