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Frozen Choco Banana Custard

Prep Time:




16 oz


About the Recipe

Banana flavor custard smoothie is a classic winter dessert.


Banana Syrup - 3 oz
Fructose - 0.2 oz
Chocolate Sauce - 20 ml
Temperature Water - 50 ml
Plain Tiger Powder - 20 g
Ice cubes - 320 g


1. Mix 20 g of plain tiger powder and 50 ml of temperature water evenly .
2. Add 3 oz of banana syrup and 0.2 oz of fructose and 320 g of ice cubes into blender and blend it till smooth.
3. Draw the cup wall with chocolate sauce and plain tiger powder mix.
4. Pour banana smoothie and top with banana slice and chocolate chip as your wish.
5. Enjoy your drink!

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