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Pumpkin Pie Coffee Latte

Prep Time:




16 oz


About the Recipe

Inspired by pumpkin pie, the synonym of autumn. The must-try "pumpkin spiced" recipe for you.


Pumpkin Spice Powder - 50 g

Black Coffee - 150 ml

Fructose - 0.5 oz

Hot Water - 250 ml

Milk Foam - 100 ml


1. Mix 50 g of pumpkin powder and 250 ml of hot water and 0.5 oz of fructose evenly.

2. Prepare 150 ml of black coffee and 100 ml of hot milk foam.

3. Pour pumpkin milk tea in the cup and gently pour the coffee to make the layer.

4. Top the milk foam and it’s done.

5. Stir well and enjoy your drink.

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